Overwatch 2 Season 5: When Should Players Look Forward To The Arrival of Season 6

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Overwatch 2 players have also been curious to know when Season 6 will be concluded!

Each of the seasons of Overwatch 2 has contributed greatly towards infusing fresh content into the game. Apart from new maps, these seasons have brought fresh gaming modes and heroes into the game. They have also introduced players to a bunch of new elements and features. In Season 6, players can expect to see a lot of fresh content arriving. While fans are quite excited about Season 6, what they want to know right now is when Season 5 will end and when Season 6 will be introduced.

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According to recent reports, the fifth season of Overwatch 2 will come to a close on August 10. The sixth season is expected to launch on August 15. The gap between Season 5 and Season 6, therefore, will not be huge.

A season of Overwatch mostly goes on for nine weeks. Players, therefore, shall get enough time to go through fresh content and delve into the next season. The seasonal model of the game ensures that the gap between the two seasons is not very huge.

On June 13, the official season of Overwatch 2 was launched. As soon as the fifth season came out, players discovered a large amount of content being added to the game. Apart from new mythic skins, Season 5 also marked the comeback of the popular Summer Games event which the franchise is known for. The Summer Games, which have been launched this year, have the popular Lucioball mode along with a new summer game in the form of Winston’s Beach Volleyball.

The fantasy theme of Season 5 has appealed quite well to fans. This particular season introduced the Questwatch mode which features the heroes of the game roleplay as fantasy characters in different game types. Since the season hasn’t come to an end yet, there is a lot that players can expect in the near future. Magic and Mischief, which happens to be a prop-hunt-aligned mode, will be launched on July 25. Before the season comes to an end, players should make it a point to use their battle pass well.

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Though no official date has been shared for Season 6 as yet, the August 15 date is being tossed around based on the history of the game. If these dates prove to be accurate, players will get a five-day downtime period between different seasons. In Season 6, players can look forward to a plethora of new content including PvE Story Missions, Hero Mastery System, Support Hero and New Flashpoint Game Mode. ‘Invasion’ is the term by which Blizzard is referring to Season 6. This particular season, among other things, will be known for featuring story missions.

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