Players Spot Easter Egg Related To GTA Vice City in New Hi-Fi Rush Xbox Game

GTA vice city

A bunch of players have spotted and pointed out references to GTA Vice City in a new title.

For years, Grand Theft Auto has maintained its reputation as one of the most loved video game franchises in the world.

GTA Vice City, in particular, has been a game that has captured the imagination of players based in different regions across the globe. Though Rockstar Games itself is known to incorporate Easter Eggs in its titles, other gaming companies, too, drop Easter Eggs that lead you to Rockstar titles.

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Hi-Fi Rush, a new game that has been released on Windows PC and Xbox, seems to have featured an Easter Egg that makes a reference to GTA Vice City. Tango Gameworks dropped a very subtle reference to a reward that players are entitled to get after completing GTA Vice City.

Twitter user Tervel posted an image on Twitter on January 26, 2023, which offered one a glimpse of the t-shirt they discovered. This was the t-shirt that was making a reference to GTA Vice City in the aforementioned game.  “I bought the deluxe edition and all I got was…this stupid t-shirt.” – this was the text inscribed on the white colored t-shirt. The t-shirt has been described as the ‘Proof of Purchase’ t-shirt. It can be used by Hi-Rush players to add some personalization elements to their protagonist.

InfinityBesk, a popular data miner, confirmed the presence of the Easter Egg on January 29, 2023 and shared the source as well. The data miner shared two images. One of the images featured Tommy Vercetti, the primary character, adorning a white t-shirt. The text on this particular t-short read, “I completed Vice City and all I got was this lousy t-shirt.”

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The t-shirt, as many players would know, is one of the multiple unlockable rewards that are given to players by Rockstar Games when they complete GTA Vice City properly. It is referred to as the Frankie Outfit and one can procure it from the Vercetti Mansion. You can also find this t-shirt in the game’s Definite Edition.

There have been several occasions when Rockstar has included Easter Eggs and other kinds of teases for its own titles. Recently, players stumbled upon a Vice City reference in an in-game apparel in Grand Theft Auto Online. There was also a GTA 6 hint in this reference.

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