Sony’s PS5 Access Controller Kit Revealed in New Official Image

With Xbox ahead of them, Sony’s PS5 access controller kit has been officially revealed and it should make gaming much easier for the majority of the crowd.

Accessibility is not an easy topic as some believe because even a normal person when in treatment may not be able to move fast or play as they used to. A controller kit makes it easier in the long run for people from all walks of life.

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For the average gamer, the controller may look really complicated as we are used to holding it with both hands and enjoying all titles. A physically challenged person or those who can’t use their limbs normally will find the button placement quite convenient. Besides, such a special controller is fully customizable and you can keep changing its button as per convenience. All the necessary accessories are provided as one big bundle.

Sony's PS5

Contents in the Box

When you purchase Sony’s PS5 Access Controller Kit, you will have a whole bunch of items in it including analog stick caps, dome and ball sticks. For additional convenience, pillow button caps, flat and wide flat are also provided. The actual application is something that will vary from one person to another. The swappable button caps have ample space so that you can mark them for special functions in-game.

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The entire controller is round in shape and can be rotated 360 degrees to achieve the most comfortable position. It is compatible with AMPS mount or tripod besides being able to use it on a flat surface. In theory, it can be used in almost any shape or direction that offers a comfortable experience for the user.

Sony’s PS5 access controller kit also has four aux ports to add any accessory one has to make gaming simpler. The collection of images provided online should give a good idea and the product will be made in limited quantities with pre-orders opening soon.

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