PlayStation State of Play 2023 – All the Titles Launched and Reveal Trailers

Playstation state of Play

Sony PlayStation State of Play 2023 had much fanfare even before it was officially announced.

Players were eagerly looking forward to it. While the actual event was more of a mixed bag, it did have lots of new game trailers to look forward to and some announcements. Popular titles like Street Fighter 6, Resident Evil 4, and the upcoming Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League took center stage with a proper gameplay demo.

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The gaming community was super excited about Suicide Squad, which was primarily expected to be a villainous version of Batman Arkham Asylum. But, it is going to be more of a live game with an always-on connection requirement, season passes with paid skins and so on. This is quite a disappointment, but we should rather wait for the title to get launched and see how it works out in the actual gaming community.


A Massive Collection of PlayStation Game Trailers Was Revealed

Make sure to free yourself at least for an hour because so many great trailers were launched during the PlayStation State of Play 2023. Among them, The Foglands is a PSVR2 game that allows you to shoot zombies and the dead in adrenaline pumping VR experience. Greenhell VR, Journey to Foundation and Synapse VR are more action-packed titles aimed at the newly launched headset by Sony.

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Not everyone is a huge fan of virtual reality games or may have not purchased an expensive headset already. If you already own the PlayStation 5 console, there are plenty of new games to look forward to. Destiny 2: Lightfall continues to expand on this age-old grinding shooter that just won’t give up and provides more DLC content, scheduled for launch next week.

Playstation Plus

More titles from the event include,

  • Humanity
  • Goodbye Volcano
  • Naruto X Boruto Ultimate Ninja Storm Connections
  • Baldur’s Gate III

The PlayStation State of Play 2023 not only witnessed several trailers, gameplay demos but was also the stage for announcing some exciting titles for the PlayStation Plus subscription service. A rather big launch will be Battlefield 2042 which will provide you with hours of online gameplay for free if you already own the subscription service. More titles heading for March include Codevein and Minecraft Dungeons.

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