PS Vita 2023 Rumors Emerge After Asus ROG Ally Made its Appearance

PS vita 2023

Sony is not officially working on a PS Vita 2023 edition or whatever the new name they might give their handheld gaming console.

But, it is evident that the space is heating up rapidly because of the massive success Nintendo Switch and the Switch Lite witnessed.

Following close on the heels was Steam Deck, a dedicated handheld gaming device powered by SteamOS and major Steam games including the likes of the newly launched Spiderman and God of War can actually be played on the go. When Sony exclusives are making headlines on a different platform and PS Vita used to be the forefather in the AAA handheld gaming space, it isn’t surprising that the company might be working on yet another device for the future.

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After all, after vehemently denying the fact that they had their own game subscription service in place, PlayStation member subscription was rolled out in multiple tiers to compete with Xbox GamePass. Asus ROG Ally has also partnered with Microsoft and allows actual Windows 11 to be installed on their device making it easier to access Game Pass along with a huge library of monthly games. All these aspects and further adding to the rumor that a PS Vita 2023 or a possible handheld is in the making cannot be denied.

The Changing Handheld Market

PC Gaming is more expensive than ever with huge OLED monitors, massive price increases by top-of-the-line graphic cards made by Nvidia and a host of peripherals to buy. The biggest catch though is you won’t be able to play unless you are perfectly placed in that particular spot. Nintendo Switch OLED proved it otherwise as the dockable console became super popular because of its ease of access.

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Steam Deck is on the same lines with a massive fan following already. Sony released their PS VR for the virtual reality space. They had a bad experience in the past as they were among the pioneers of the best handheld gaming experience with PSP and PS Vita but discontinued it due to lack of buyer support. Times have changed that once again ticks the possibility of a PS Vita 2023 in the making. With Nintendo Switch 2 right around the corner and Asus ROG Ally priced at $900 for 1TB set for launch in October, we could possibly expect a Sony handheld gaming device to be revealed real soon.

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