The Sims 4 Might Finally Be an Open World Game, Sort of!

The Sims 4 knitting trailor

For the uninitiated gamers, there was a Nokia smartphone named N-Gage primarily for gamers.

The Sims was present on this smartphone in which you could actually walk out of your home, work part time in a restaurant and even visit the amusement park. Such a level of freedom is not there in the Sims 4 even though the customization options are plenty and provides a great way to live the life you have always dreamt of.

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The newest mod in town, obviously works only on PC and possibly find its way to consoles some day allows you to explore the world. Players will finally be able to drive cars which is not an activity that any Sim gamer is used to. After all, it is limited to your neighborhood and your own house rather than visiting the mall or the beach like you would do in a game of Grand Theft Auto. Being a real time strategy kind of game, it wouldn’t be impossible to introduce this feature but Maxis or EA never had the time to focus on this as they were always busy making some great expansion packs.

Modders are Back at it Again

Many of the most popular games like Witcher 3, Skyrim and Fallout became a super popular title on PCs because of the mods. They are not always authorized to change the gameplay or add new content to the map but most developers wouldn’t stop them. They add a whole new set of life to the game like adding 4K textures to GTA 5 even before the developers at Rockstar would officially do it. Similarly, the Sims 4 has now received a mod which is going to change the game like no other and Arnie is the creator of this controversial yet amazing mod.

The Sims 4 free origins

Named as the Brookheights open world mod, it allows sims to roam freely from one place to another. It is pretty much existing maps which has been enhanced and also opened up so that you can move your character around. The entire map is playable, huge and is excellent for interactive events in multiple buildings. Some are open venues whereas others are rabbit holes and players could actually rent a car, go to the gym or watch a movie in the outdoor cinema.

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These additions are some huge improvement for the Sims 4 which Maxis wouldn’t do but if you love mods and own the game on a PC, it is time to install this mod. It will definitely change the way you play and enjoy your favorite title for so many years.

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