Sims 4 Hispanic Heritage Month Update Has Plenty of New Items

Expansion packs

Every year there are dozens of special items and moments that one has to commemorate.

Celebrating those in the world of the Sims 4 is made easy because developer Maxis never miss to make use of the moment and release some exciting new content. Players love it too which is why we have several things to look forward to for the Hispanic Heritage Month.

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Players can take part in the celebration because it is completely free and there is no need to make big purchases this time around. The unique aspect is that it also allows you to Create-a-Sim with costumes that resemble the Hispanic tradition and also make use of build items to create the structure they love. It is dedicated to a heritage that is considered spiritual and important by a wide range of people that can now be explored virtually by anyone around the globe.

In order to ensure the content they create is on par with the original culture, the SOMOS EA team has joined hands with Maxis. The team is responsible for providing inputs that allow all Electronic Arts products to be culturally diverse and ensure they are on par with how the world continues to evolve over the years. The cultural picks are done from Hispanic and Latin people who are part of this team.

Sims 4 Hispanic Heritage Month


Attention to Detail

Representing an entirely new culture without fully understanding it has always been an issue. Twitch got clobbered for not being able to understand and deliver which is what the Sims 4 want to avoid at all costs. As part of the special month, they have unveiled a wide range of items that players could make use of including,

  • Colorful, painted dining table, chairs and other furniture
  • Unique clothing choices such as Panama Hat, Huipil and Guayabera. All these designs are made by Mister Cartoon
  • A range of outdoor items such as an arbor, Filetado designs on pottery that can be used in the kitchen or an outdoor party
  • Choice of foods made possible by the new Chiminea grill with stuff like Pinchos, Choripan, Chimis, Churrasco and Grilled Plantains

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The developers at Maxis in association with EA has always been delivering something new and exciting for the Sims 4 players. The Star Wars expansion pack was definitely a great addition irrespective of people loved it or not.

This particular special event will be free and be open till October 15th which is when the heritage month ends.

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