The Sims 4 October Update has Gameplay Issues, New Patch Urgently Needed

sims 4 update

Be it any game for that matter and not just the Sims 4, whenever a huge patch update it rolled out, the developers find themselves in a position where they should roll out the next patch immediately.

While it does add some exciting new features and stuff, it just breaks some of the existing content and makes the game annoying to play sometimes.

Such an issue has been consistently faced by games like Call of Duty Warzone where the company continues to completely break the game multiple times. However, things are less of an issue when it comes to the Sims 4 and how Maxis handles these updates. Besides, the entire point of this new October patch update is to add more dark skin tones. The constant complaint that players couldn’t better represent themselves because of the lack of color choices is finally addressed by the developer community. There was even a petition that wanted Maxis to look into this issue and deliver.

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As part of the October patch update, the team has brought in two base game hairstyles that players could choose from. For those men out there, you could now pick the Afro medium masculine style while women can enjoy the long braided pulled back design. It is purely up to individual preference on how they like to express themselves. The patch notes are rather limited compared to all the changes they have implemented in the game and we still could miss one or two things that the developers didn’t officially specify.

sims 4 update

Bugs and Issues Need to be Ironed Out

As with any new big update, the patch has its fair share of issues that players had to put up with. The Sims 4 has a whole lot of minor bug fixes that have been captured and posted on Reddit. It shows that some rocks are disappearing in one part of the game while the characters are dancing. In another video, there are elements that continue to appear or just vanish while the game is still in progress. Most players or everyone to be honest have no choice but to wait for the full November patch to fix this all. However, there is yet another huge December update pending which may once more bring in bugs that should be ironed out at a later point in time.

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Being a gamer especially with long-term titles like Sims 4, one has to be really patient to enjoy what the world has to offer.

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