How to Recover Deleted Messages On Whatsapp and Encrypt Them

Recover Deleted Messages On Whatsapp

WhatsApp has almost integrated with everyone’s life around the globe.

With around one billion users from all over the world, there is no second thought about it that WhatsApp is one of the most widely used instant messaging services and that people are almost addicted to it. It has several features that make communication easy in today’s busy world. They include chats and messaging, sending photos, videos, audio files, documents, PDF files, make groups with up to 250 participants and stay in touch with friends and family.

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We seem to be totally engrossed with WhatsApp all the time and keep fiddling with it the whole day. There is always a chance that we might just delete some important message or conversation by mistake. What is more dreadful than losing something important like a picture or a contact or any grave information just because of some silly mistake!

Here are a few very simple tricks to follow that can easily help you to recover your deleted information from your WhatsApp chats.

  • All you have to do is first look out for recovery software for Android-based devices required for data recovery and download it on your phone and install it.
  • Once the program is displayed on the window, connect your Android based phone to your computer.
  • Enable the troubleshooting function for USB on your phone. Once this is done, the phone will get detected by the computer.
  • After your phone gets connected to the PC, all the data on your phone will be checked. But you have to be very careful if you are going to carry out this process on any public computer. The information can always be stored on the public computers and can very well be misused.
  • Once all the checking of your Android phone is done by your PC, there will be a notification seeking permission to scan all the data.
  • When the scanning task is completed, tick the lost data that should be recovered. You can preview all the lost data content and can now recover all the deleted information.Encrypt Messages On Whatsapp

Encrypt your messages

Just recently, WhatsApp introduced its end-to-end encryption feature and updates for its scrutiny guard.  This feature made it technically futile to read messages and conversations of people who are otherwise not involved in the chat or in the group. This has the aspect of a new era that has begun towards a staunch encryption, which is not just a benefit to the geeks and paranoids, but to common people too.

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You can also use your fingerprint verification feature to keep your messages encrypted and secured. The only shortfall of this feature is regarding the authentication of the recipients. The users have to prove their identity to certify that they are the right recipients of the message and only then the encrypted message can be decrypted. Like the key fingerprints, those are stored on one’s phone to guarantee the person’s identity, it can also be relied on by the users to communicate and authenticate the end-to-end encrypted messages. The new feature offers notifications regarding safety aspects and it automatically stores and remembers the fingerprints of all your contacts and sends alerts if there is any change to it.

Another trick is to knock out all the cloud backups as usually they are all not encrypted. You should always keep in mind that with WhatsApp or for that matter with any instant messaging services, when once backed onto the cloud servers, will lose all their end-to-end encryption features. So to keep all your messages encrypted you have to disable all these cloud backups.

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