Winterverse Event By Marvel Snap Goes Live

marvel snap

For the first time, Marvel Snap has put together a limited-time holiday celebration in the form of Winterverse.

This in-game event offers a large number of lucrative rewards and bonuses for players. The event is live now and can be accessed by players.

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The current season of Marvel Snap is ‘The Power Cosmic’ which is characterized by the inclusion of Silver Surfer in the game. The Winterverse event is taking place mid-season and shall feature players from different parts of the world. During this event, players will have a good chance of earning solid bonuses just by logging into the game.

For as long as the event is live or operational, players will have the opportunity of winning several rewards in the form of gold, credit, boosters and several other in-game items. The event will be live till January 3rd, 2023, players, therefore, have a limited amount of time to avail of all that the event is offering them. Among other things, players stand the chance of a Nick Fury card that has Samuel L. Jackson’s autograph on it. This particular item can be claimed on December 25 or Christmas Day.

There are several other bonuses and rewards that players have the chance of winning. There is also an opportunity to get one’s hands on certain variants that are exclusive to the Winterverse. These cards are quite unique and feature Abomination, Rockslide, Ebony Maw, Rogue and Patriot. For a limited period of time, there will also be the chance to win a Winterverse bundle that will have Sunspot. There are also as many as 8,000 Credits, 2,000 Collector’s Tokens and 100 Sunspot Boosters.

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Apart from catering to those who are planning to add some vibrancy to their decks, the Winterverse Event should also appeal greatly to those who are interested in collecting new cards or enhancing their Collection Levels.

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