Redmi K70 Ultra Rumored Specs Claim 24GB RAM and 1TB Storage

Redmi K60 Ultra

By pushing all boundaries, Redmi aims to deliver an uber-powerful smartphone for the Chinese market.

Redmi K70 Ultra leaked specs pretty much confirm this. The goal is to provide exceptional value for money while offering unmatched performance if we are to believe the alleged specifications revealed by a Chinese tipster Digital Chat Station.

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Backed by the parent company Xiaomi, Redmi has already successfully launched three different phones in the K70 series, namely the Redmi K70, K70 Pro and K70e. The smartphone manufacturer aims to further improve the line-up to provide more options for buyers. The alleged specs of K70 Ultra seem promising for the fourth phone in the series.

Leaked Redmi K70 Ultra Specs

According to a Weibo post made by Digital Chat Station, the Redmi K70 Ultra is aiming to go for a flat-screen display. While curved displays are all the rage, flat screens make it easier to use a screen protector and are less prone to damage during an accidental fall. It will also be an OLED display, according to rumors. Under the hood, the smartphone will be driven by a MediaTek Dimensity 9300 processor.

Redmi K70 ultra specs

The highlighted feature of the upcoming phone is its extensive storage solution featuring 1TB UFS 4.0 storage. The increased storage will be utilized to its core by the 24GB LPDDR5T RAM. The pricing will obviously be on the higher side and it is expected that the upcoming K70 Ultra is aimed at the upper mid-range market.

An Immersive and Impressive Display

The manufacturer will provide a premium smartphone experience made possible by the 8T LTPO OLED display with a 1.5k resolution. The peak brightness marked at 5,000 nits is rather impressive on paper and users can comfortably use the device under bright sunlit conditions.

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The outer core is made using a dense, durable aluminum frame to ensure better durability. Considering the point that the tipster revealed the information on Weibo, a China-exclusive website and Xiaomi’s track record of having the Chinese market first, the Redmi K70 Ultra will be launched in the country first before possibly being revealed in other markets.

Or, as has been the trend in the recent past, some of these K70 series devices could make their way into the Indian market as rebranded Poco smartphones.

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