Rockstar Games Set to Expand GTA 5 with Updates and Content Expansions

GTA 5 Updates

Though Rockstar Games continues to be busy with the development process of GTA 6, it will not stop releasing updates for GTA 5.

Grand Theft Auto 6 is one of the most awaited games at the moment. While GTA fans are eager to try it out, the gaming community is keenly looking forward to seeing how it is received and the kind of role it plays in altering the gaming landscape. A lot is riding on the game and after the unveiling of the first official GTA 6 trailer in December last year, fans have been waiting for Rockstar Games to share some updates about the game.

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Given the hype around GTA 6, one would expect Rockstar Games to channel all its energies towards developing the game. However, that does not seem to be the case. Rockstar has now assured fans that GTA 6 is not the only thing it is focussing on. GTA 5 has emerged as one of the most successful gaming titles of all time. Before GTA 6 arrives, this is the game majority of players will be hooked to. Rockstar, therefore, does not want to neglect it. The gaming studio will keep updating and rolling out fresh content to GTA 5 regularly. After this assurance by Rockstar, fans can expect regular GTA 5 updates.

Recently, a lot of speculation was made around GTA Online. One heard rumors about GTA Online fading into oblivion after the release of GTA 6. Since GTA Online has a huge player base, these rumors left the gaming community feeling worried. However, now that Rockstar has confirmed that it will continue to focus on GTA 5, fans should not worry. Even after GTA 6 is launched, Rockstar should be taking several steps to ensure that GTA Online remains relevant.

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Through an update pertaining to the Bottom Dollar expansion, Rockstar teased fans by stating, “Plus, look out for new Drift and Drag Races in the Rockstar Creator, a host of new vehicles, experience updates, and tons more all arriving in GTA Online throughout summer and beyond.” Looking at this cryptic reference, one can safely assume that GTA 5 and GTA Online will continue to receive regular updates.

As per the information shared by Rockstar Games, GTA 6 should be released sometime in 2025. Once the game releases, a lot of players will move on from GTA 5. However, there will be many who will continue to stick to GTA 5 and GTA Online. Rockstar, therefore, is not likely to abandon GTA 5 anytime in the near future.

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