Rockstar Might Launch New Updates For Red Dead Online, GTA Online and GTA 4 Soon

Grand Theft Auto Online

Despite its newer titles doing very well, Rockstar hasn’t lost focus on older games and continues to roll out updates for them.

Though Rockstar Games hasn’t confirmed anything from its end, there are strong rumors about it putting together an update for Red Dead Online, GTA Online and GTA 4.

Apart from this, there are also reports of the Trilogy Definitive Edition receiving some new content soon. These updates, which remain unaddressed by the gaming publisher, have been shared via @videotech_, a gaming insider and leaker.

Though none of the aforementioned games are recent releases, it has only been a few years since they were launched. GTA 4, on the other hand, was launched way back in 2008. These rumors have originated from SteamDB of the titles and at the moment, there is no clarity on the extent to which they are true.

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If the reports about these updates are accurate, fans still don’t know what to expect from. However, based on the direction in which these games have moved in, one can make a few assumptions. While some experts are of the opinion that these older games are being updated for security reasons, many believe that these updates will contribute towards eliminating the leftover code in these titles. As the Trilogy Definitive Edition is concerned, some improvements or fixes could be made to it.

Fans are hoping that these updates will also help in improving the condition of the PC version of GTA Online. The PC version of the game has faced several major security issues in the past and fans had been waiting for them to be addressed for a while.

Another issue that GTA Online players have been facing is a new exploit that gives the players of GTA Online the authority to make modifications to the accounts of other players. What’s truly dangerous is that they can corrupt others’ accounts using this exploit. Because of this issue, many players have refrained from playing the game in the recent past.

The Trilogy Definitive Edition was launched on the gaming distribution service Steam just a couple of days ago. While it appealed to a large section of gamers, the performance issues and technical glitches didn’t go unnoticed. If an update is rolled out for the Trilogy Definitive Edition, fans would expect it to resolve these issues.

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The remastered version is slated to be launched in the Epic Games Stores in some time. Rockstar, however, hasn’t shared any update about the exact date on which it will be launched. The possibility of Red Dead Online receiving new content should get a lot of fans to feel excited as it was one game that hadn’t been updated in a very long time.

Since Rockstar hasn’t spoken anything on this yet, there is no clarity on when (if at all) these updates will be rolled out. It must be noted here that Rockstar had released an article on Community Update Newswire in February 2022. If it releases a similar article this year, one might get some information on the forthcoming updates.

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