Samsung Galaxy A51 5G, A53 5G, A71 5G, M33 5G Receive February 2024 Security Updates

Samsung Galaxy A71 5G

Samsung has already offered and is still offering its February 2024 security update to many mid-range smartphones.

The latest smartphones that have received this update from the manufacturer are the Samsung Galaxy A51 5G, A53, and A71 5G in the A series. In the M series, the Samsung Galaxy M33 received the update recently.

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The security update file can be downloaded through the Software update section in the Settings menu or through a manual flashing action

Firmware Versions A516BXXS8FXA1 and A536EXXS8DXA8

The February 2024 security update for the Galaxy A51 5G is available for the European market and is listed as firmware version A516BXXS8FXA1.

On the other hand, Galaxy A53 users in Afghanistan, Ukraine, Egypt, the Caucasus region, Iraq, Singapore, Kenya, Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Pakistan, and Nigeria can avail the update with the firmware version A536EXXS8DXA8.

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Firmware Version A716BXXS9FXA1

Samsung Galaxy A71 5G users can avail the February 2024 security update as firmware version A716BXXS9FXA1. This update is currently available to only those residing in the UAE and Saudi Arabia. However, it is likely to be available in other countries as well in the upcoming days.

Firmware Version M336BUXXS6DXB1

The security update for the Galaxy M33 5G is associated with firmware version M336BUXXS6DXB1. As of now, India is the only country to receive this update. However, the update will be available in every country where the smartphone is available in a few weeks from now.

Galaxy M33 Feburary 2024 update

The new update addresses 72 security flaws in the earlier version and includes only the new security patches. This makes the file size small and easily downloadable. The vulnerabilities that have been fixed by the update span across Android as well as the manufacturer’s very own custom version of the operating system. Multiple Galaxy smartphones have received the February 2024 update in the past three weeks.

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