Samsung Galaxy S11 Battery Certification Suggests it has the Same Battery as Galaxy Note 10+ [and Note 10 Lite too]

Galaxy S11 renders

The battery of the Samsung Galaxy S11 (SM-G985) has been spotted at the Safety Korea certification platform.

The model number of the Samsung Galaxy S11’s battery is EB-BG985ABY. Previous speculations suggested that the EB-BG985ABY is a derived edition of the EB-BN975ABU battery that powers the Galaxy Note 10+. Hence, it was speculated the Galaxy S11 may have the same battery that powers the Note 10+.

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The blurry image in the listing seems to indicate the rated capacity of the EB-BG985ABY battery to be 4,370mAh battery and typical capacity as 4,500 mAh. The Note 10+ also features the same sized battery. There is no other information related to the battery such as fast charging mentioned in the SafetyKorea certification of the Galaxy S11’s battery. However, previous reports have claimed that the Galaxy S11 could be coming with 25W fast charging support.

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Recently, the battery models of both Galaxy S11+ and S11e were also spotted at Safety Korea. The listings had revealed that S11 Plus will be fueled by a mammoth 5,000mAh battery that has a model number of EB-BG988ABY. Its minimum capacity is 4,885mAh. By this, it seems that the Galaxy S11+ will be arriving with the largest battery seen on a flagship phone from Samsung. S11e was found to have a rated capacity of 3730 mAh and the typical capacity could be 3800 or 3900 mAh.

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The battery of Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite with model number EB-BN770ABY was also spotted on the same website and it was found to be having the same capacity of 4500 mAh. So the upcoming Galaxy Note 10 Lite and Galaxy S11 will have the same battery as Galaxy Note 10+.

The mid-range phones from the company such as Galaxy M20 and Galaxy M30 are also equipped with the same-sized 5,000mAh batteries. The Galaxy M30s mid-ranger houses the humungous 6,000mAh battery.

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The rumor mill is actively leaking information on the Galaxy S11 series. The lineup includes Galaxy S11, S11+ and S11e phones are all expected to sport a top-center positioned punch-hole display like the Note 10+. Samsung is expected to launch the S11 series by February 2020.

Featured Image: Galaxy S11 Renders from Onleaks

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