Skyrim Mod Gearing Up To Bring Nemesis System To Elder Scrolls V


Skyrim mods have played an important role in altering several elements in Elder Scrolls V including its story and gameplay.

The game was launched way back in 2011 and has evolved greatly since then. With time, the ambitions of the modders have become bigger. Many of them are now attempting to put together DLC-sized additions like that one particular Skyrim mod that brought in Morrowind content. As Skyrim continues to be a popular title for both modders and players, one can expect several major changes to be introduced to the game before the release of The Elder Scrolls 6.

An important change arriving on Skyrim happens to be a mod that would mark the arrival of the Nemesis system to the game. Some changes, however, will be made to the Nemesis system before it is introduced in the game. Those who have played games like Shadow of War and Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor would be very familiar with the Nemesis System. As per reports, the Nemesis System will be introduced in the forthcoming Wonder Woman game by Monolith.

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Even the ones who have been exposed to this system earlier should expect some surprises with its arrival in Elder Scrolls V. The mod will not feature enemies, which have been generated in the game earlier, like the chieftains and the Uruk captains from Shadow of War.

The Nemesis System mod by Skyrim will present players with a unique enemy which they will have to eliminate during the course of the game. After the defeat of Dragonborn, the enemy, which led to their death, will be provided with a unique name, better statistics and a special buff.  The modder cites the example of the unique ‘shield-breaker’ buff that includes the use of warhammers.

Apart from generating innovative enemies from the NPCs that eliminate the player, this Skyrim mod also offers players a well-designed mission to look for their enemies and hunt them. In some ways, this system is quite similar to the way it was incorporated in Shadow of War.

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Just like most other Skyrim mods, the Nemesis System will offer players a vast number of customization features. A player will be able to find out the number of gear their nemesis has taken hold of upon death. They will also get to determine the weapons and armor they are allowed to use at a particular point in time.

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