SOLO Car Duplication Glitch Enables GTA Online Players To Get Rich

SOLO car duplication glitch

A new GTA Online SOLO car duplication glitch makes it possible for solo players to claim millions of dollars in the game!

In Grand Theft Auto Online, the Arena Workshop has paved the way for many glitches in the game. Now, players have stumbled upon a new exploit that enables them to make millions of dollars in the game. Money Mitch, a popular gaming YouTuber, recently shared a trick that enables solo players to get their vehicles duplicated and sell them in exchange for millions of dollars.

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The YouTuber, with the help of a PlayStation console, exploited the SOLO car duplication glitch and managed to make millions of dollars in just a couple of minutes. Those who go through the video will get a fair idea of how to use this glitch to their advantage.

Money Mitch, on May 16, 2023, shared a video titled ‘How To Make Millions! SOLO Duplication Glitch’. Through this video, the YouTuber showed some simple steps following which would enable the players to exploit the glitch. The YouTuber also stated that exploiting the glitch has become much more convenient after the introduction of some recent updates in the game. Earlier, one had to go through a few additional steps but now, the process has become extremely simple. Because of this, a larger number of players are expected to exploit it.

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Money Mitch said that the glitch could be exploited with or without the use of custom vehicle license plates in the game. The YouTuber also had important advice for players. According to them, players should store the vehicles they wish to duplicate inside the Arena Garage. The number of Elegy RH8s in the garage, as per the YouTuber, should match the number of duplicates a player wants to make.

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