The Sims 4: Players Upset By The Removal of Photo Glitch From The Game

The Sims 4

Not every glitch in a game bothers players. The photo glitch in The Sims 4, which emerged a while back and now has been removed, was one such glitch!

In-game friendships in the Sims 4 grow over a period of time as different characters engage or interact with each other. When an individual who is about to try out The Sims 4 for the first time is informed about this, they feel that it is a very easy thing to do. However, once they sink their teeth into the game, they realize how difficult it is to build connections.

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A particular exploit in the game was designed to strengthen friendships and help players amass some significant gains in this direction. Those who wished to use this exploit had to reach out to the Sim they want to be friends with and click a picture with them. After clicking a bunch of pictures, two Sims, who shared no real connection till a while back, could become solid friends.

While players really enjoyed using this exploit, there was some bad news in store for them. The developers of the game have confirmed that this exploit will soon be removed from the game. This has greatly upset players who find this exploit to be extremely useful.

Patch update soon….
by u/-MoonShade in Sims4

The newest patch notes for the game gives one all the details about the changes or modifications that would be seen in the game in the near future. Through a post, the developers also gave an update about the issues they are planning to resolve with the new update. The team will take the necessary steps to get this glitch removed.

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Going by the response of players on Reddit and other platforms, one can assume that they are not too pleased with this development. Many players stated that this glitch was adding to the fun of playing the game and therefore, should not be removed.

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