Sony CEO Confirms No More PS5 Left to Sell, ES6 Not Confirmed Yet

PlayStation 5 console

Major retailers like Walmart, Amazon may have some left but Sony CEO confirmed that there are no more PS5 consoles left to sell to customers.

Ardent PlayStation fans are clamoring to find just one last console that they could share with friends and family.

Despite the major holiday season coming in a couple of weeks, there is no way they could manufacture more and give it to all the players who would want to get their hands on one. CEO Jim Ryan was upfront when it came to answering a lot of questions like scalpers taking control of the majority of stocks, the future of PlayStation and whether the Elder Scrolls 6 would come to the console or not.

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“I literally have no idea whether how or when would the Elder Scrolls 6 get launched on the PS5 console. There is also the question of whether it would become an Xbox and Windows PC exclusive because Microsoft now owns it. We are yet to receive an official word on launching the Bethesda game on our consoles and it might be a long time before the team is ready to actually talk about it,” he shared when questioned about the future of Bethesda games, especially ES6 on the PS5 console.

Stocks are all gone

Scalpers have been hoarding stocks of the PlayStation 5 console like no other. It is not just secluded to a particular console but the same happened for AMD Ryzen processors and Nvidia’s newly launched RTX series graphics cards. They continue to use bots and other means to purchase multiple quantities of the product. Once the product is out of stock, it will be sold at a much higher price, three-time the original price or more in many cases.

PS5 consoles

The PS5 console was spotted on eBay and other websites being sold for more than $1000 or even $1500 in some cases. Most people would want to stay away from such mindless purchases but there are some who are willing to spend everything to get their console on launch month, if not on the same day.

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“We are spending a lot of time and effort to ensure deliveries are done during this pandemic. However, there aren’t any consoles waiting to be sold right now in our inventory and the next batch would only start by 2021,” Sony’s CEO confirmed. It is going to be a tough time for most players because being unable to play the games like Spiderman Miles Morales and Call of Duty on their favorite console could be devastating.

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