The Sims 4 Nifty Knitting Stuff Pack Gets an Exciting New Trailer


The Sims 4 is never short of new content and keeps you occupied throughout the year.

If you are stuck at home literally, then the Nifty Knitting stuff pack is definitely what you are looking for. The trailer is super exciting because it shows how well you can create some knitted stuff for the entire family, dogs, cats and all the children at home.

Being the fun-loving game developers they are, the team ensured the new trailer is as quirky as it could get. We have embedded it on this page so that you can watch it to your heart’s content before you decide to purchase this stuff pack. With ardent Sims fans all around, they would never hesitate to spend as much money as needed on these stuff packs and game packs that keep the story moving forward.

Voted by Sims Community

Instead of simply releasing content that the developers find to be appealing, they hosted a pool for the dedicated Sims 4 community. They provided all the stuff packs they have planned for the near future and the maximum number of votes were acquired by none other than the Nifty Knitting pack. In this newly launched trailer, it shows the quirkiest idea where your sims avatar can be seen knitting all day long.

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Besides, it doesn’t stop there as he ends up knitting in the most insane spots including the terrace and even in the restroom. With so much going around, at the end of the day you can conveniently use knitted fabric for everything in your household including those furniture, children and even make cute teddy toys.

The community’s voice is being heard which makes The Sims 4 even more addictive and realistic as people get what they want in this game. You can also choose to keep voting as there are lots of great stuff going on on the sims page. The highest voted winner will soon be released as an additional pack that you could purchase and try for your own in your favorite game title from Electronic Arts and Maxis.

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Make sure to check out the trailer below because even though it is just one minute long, the developers manage to showcase tons of new items. You can easily get more creative or seek help from the community to download packs of knitted items that could be used within the game.

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