Steam Game Trial Confirm 90-Minutes of Fun for Free

steam game trial

Valve’s PC game streaming platform now has a new addition. Steam Game Trial makes life easier for the average gamer because game demos are a thing of the past.

With titles rocketing to $70, players are not willing to shell their money.

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The bigger problem lies in reviews which doesn’t really help whether you will enjoy the game or not. In many instances, one might love the game but the majority may say otherwise. Similarly, a newly launched popular game often loses its popularity in a couple of months despite positive reviews while smaller titles offer better value for the purchase. The new trial allows players to enjoy the games for free for up to 90 minutes which sounds like a considerable time.

While not all games are available on Steam Game Trial, the service has commenced with the newest the Dead Space remake edition. The idea is to slowly roll out the feature on almost all games in the Steam library. With thousands of games in the line up, it might take a long time but most newly launched titles might adopt it much faster. Players will be free to make use of the 90 minute play time to enjoy the Dead Space as long as they like based on how the story moves forward.

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There will be no limitations to the title during the time. While publishers haven’t immediately shown interest, it is definitely the much needed feature of the day. With Steam Game Trial players can make up their mind much faster. It is a completely different experience to play the game than watching reviews or gameplay videos of the same. Many games also come across performance issues which can be solved by having it run in the PC once before choosing to invest a hefty sum in purchasing the product. Game publishers should also better optimize their titles in the near future as the trial becomes a common place for most titles.

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