Star Wars: Outlaws To Have Many Elements Similar To Red Dead Redemption

Star wars: outlaws

Touted to be one of the most expensive games to have been developed in recent times, Star Wars: Outlaws is to be released in 2024!

Recently, Ubisoft Massive made an announcement about Star Wars: Outlaws, an open-world game that will be launched next year. While many fans jumped to the conclusion that it will be an adventure game revolving around Jedi, the game might be a little different from what fans expect it to be.

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A couple of days back, the reveal trailer for Star Wars: Outlaws was shown to the world through the Xbox showcase. The gameplay walkthrough offered a 20-minute tour of the game to fans. From the glimpses one has seen so far, it would be quite safe to assume that it will be one of the biggest games to be launched in 2024. Not just for Star Wars fans, the launch of the game would be a very important moment for the gaming industry.

In Star Wars: Outlaws, players will be in charge of the character Kay Vess, a crook who has several unique ways of stealing from and conning people. When a galactic civil war takes place, chaos takes place in different crime syndicates and that gets the narrative of the game moving. This chaos also gives Kay the opportunity to make a moolah.

The gameplay walkthrough also made many fans believe that the game would have many elements similar to Red Dead Redemption. Fans, on various platforms, went on to state that if Red Dead Redemption was set in space, this is how it would have looked.

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In the game, Kay will be using Nix, her alien pet, to create distractions and use the various machinery and equipment available to her advantage. Among other weapons, Kay will have a blaster featuring a variety of settings that will enable her to deal with enemies of all kinds. While the game seems to have many elements from the original trilogy, it should also offer several things one hasn’t encountered in the franchise so far. More than fans of Star Wars, the game should appeal greatly to those who love action.

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