Starfield Direct Set in June to Explain Delayed Release Date


A 1000 planets is under development and Starfield Direct which is going on the floors in June will explain the way a massive team is developing this ambitious project.

Without any second thoughts, Bethesda has decided to postpone the release date for Starfield which is now set for release towards the end of 2023.

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In their official statement, Bethesda Softworks confirmed they need the time to better build the massive world they are working on for years now. The first announcement came in 2018 but with unprecedented setback during the lockdown period, it was pushed to late 2022 and is now delayed even further. The developers have confirmed to host a Direct show, which will be a great way for players to know what is in store for them.

Building an Interactive World

“I am quite surprised as how we managed to pour so much content into this game. When we started off, we had a fair idea of what to do. Things have evolved  a lot in the past few years and surprisingly, this game keeps accepting all the innovations that we could introduce in it,” said Todd Howard, the game director of Starfield.


At Starfield Direct, we should possibly have plenty to talk about because the title is so close to launch. Elder Scrolls continue to inspire this new title on multiple levels,  including a silent protagonist, massive worlds to explore, at least 1000 planets and 100 star systems making it a mammoth space adventure. Players can easily spend 100s of hours in this game similar to how they already did in Skyrim and mods galore is a given for games of this cadre.

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Everything that ardent fans were waiting to know will be revealed during the Starfield Direct meet scheduled to be held on June 11. It is going to be a unique experience, according to the development team and there are plenty of surprise elements that will be showcased during this event.

Starfield Direct is just the beginning because when the game gets launched on Sep 6, 2023, it will be available as a Day One title on Xbox Game Pass, and Windows PC. That should make it much more accessible to all players.

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