Starfield Update Leaves The Elder Scrolls VI Fans Worried; Here’s Why!

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The declining popularity of Starfield has led the gaming community to wonder whether Bethesda will pull the plug on The Elder Scrolls VI!

Bethesda Game Studios had planned to release Starfield in November 2022. The gaming studio did not manage to get Starfield ready for a release on this date but it ensured a wide release for the game in October 2023. Apart from its striking visuals, the role-playing game struck a chord with the gamers owing to its engaging narrative. The delay in the launch failed to dampen the spirits of the gamers who lapped it up with open arms.

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According to Bethesda, it took the company two decades to bring its vision of Starfield to reality. In the last few years, technology has developed at breakneck speed and that played a vital role in ensuring that the game comes alive in the most robust manner. After Starfield came out, many described it as ‘Skyrim in space’. Whether that description is accurate or not is something that can be debated. However, what has to be acknowledged is the fact that Starfield was one of those releases last year that made a lot of noise.

With Starfield, Bethesda put together a universe that not only has a huge scale to it but also serves as a good example of the kind of difference detailing can make. While Starfield continues to be played by a large number of fans across the globe, the excitement for the game is not what it used to be a few months ago.

According to a report published by a leading portal, 97% of the players who were trying out Starfield on Steam are now gone. All this happened in a span of six months. This has led to fans being worried about the fate of The Elder Scrolls VI. Fans are worried that the much-awaited game could be scrapped or not get the kind of scale as it was originally intended to.

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On various online forums, fans have expressed their concern over what the future holds for The Elder Scrolls VI. Some of the fans pointed out that The Elder Scrolls VI has been a passion project for Bethesda and there is a limited possibility of the studio abandoning the game. There are some who are of the opinion that Bethesda could reconsider the kind of money it was ready to invest in The Elder Scrolls VI.

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