The Elder Scrolls: Brigands of Skyrim Expansion Brings In New Dungeons and Enemies In The Game

Brigands of Skyrim

The new Brigands of Skyrim expansion has brought in more adventurous activities for players to participate in.

When you have been playing a game for a very long time, you would look forward to new expansions being added to it at regular intervals. The addition of fresh content, after all, helps in keeping a game fresh and vibrant.

Skyrim, as a game, always had a lot to offer to fans. Even if we do not take the additional extras into account, the game was always packed with a lot of things that players could enjoy. However, those who have played Skyrim regularly over the years, might not find the base game to be too exciting.

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In recent times, Bethesda made an attempt to bring some graphical enhancements to the game. While many of these alterations or additions worked in favor of the game, there was little doubt about the fact that the game needed a major upgrade in several aspects.

The Elder Scrolls: Brigands of Skyrim has arrived at a time when fans were expecting some dynamic changes in the universe in which the game is set. The expansion has brought in new dungeons to help one put up a fight against dangerous enemies that pop up in a battle. A lot of fans might be wondering who exactly these Brigands are.

Brigands can be best described as sell swords from southern High Rock and northern Hammerfell. They are known for wearing chainmail, hauberks, and scaled and quilted armors and keep German shepherds as pets. As per the mod description, the Brigands were expelled after they engaged themselves in a bunch of political disputes. They touched upon Skyrim’s coast with the help of their brettic ships. Upon reaching there, they started building smaller vessels to move through the rivers in the province.

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There are many other interesting elements that The Elder Scrolls: Brigands of Skyrim gives players the chance to explore. As players move forward, they will come across many ships and hideouts which they can collect more clues from. The modder, who has put together this expansion, calls Brigands of Skyrim a ‘dungeon pack’. According to the modder, this expansion has been put together for those who want to explore all those locations that have not been ventured into in the past. Along with 132 new monsters, this expansion gives players the opportunity to explore and go through 35 new areas.

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