Take-Two Renewed GTA 6 and Vice City Online Domain Names

New GTA 6 leak

Take-Two is the publishing company behind Rockstar, the developers of GTA 6, GTA 5 and possibly what they call the new one as Vice City Online.

While GTA Online is the multiplayer version of GTA V which is already available for years now, it is unclear whether the new domain name points to a completely different total or an extension of what is already available.

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The rumor mills have started working overtime as soon as the publishing company renewed the domain name for both GTA 6 and the Vice City Online. All these names are critical for the parent company because they own a multi-billion dollar firm in its name. Besides, whether they choose to release a new Grand Theft Auto immediately or if it would take few more years doesn’t matter because they are supposed to have control over these critical domain names.

Spotted by a Reddit User

As it continues to be the norm, a Reddit user was the one to spot the existence of these new domain names that were renewed by Take-Two. The domain names according to the person who spotted it are gtavi.com and gtavicecityonline.com but it doesn’t provide us any solid confirmation that the upcoming title will be based on Vice City. The game is a popular one in the franchise that made it into the huge success it is today and had a protagonist who made being a gangster one of the fabulous ways to live.

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The fictional city is based on Miami in Florida and had all kinds of exciting gameplay levels that made it so popular during its time. The game also allowed players to become the boss of their own gangster squad with an excellent storyline and lots of gameplay elements which later became an important asset in all future titles. It is also rumored that Vice City Online will rather be a multiplayer version to be launched soon for GTA V.

GTA online bikers scaled

Rockstar in association with Sony proudly announced the launch of GTA 5 on the upcoming PlayStation 5 console. When everyone expected GTA VI to be the most wanted game of the decade, they rather focused on the existing title. It wouldn’t be surprising if this entire news falls flat because this is just another expansion pack for GTA Online. Players may get the chance to play in Vice City as well as similar characters but on the whole, this is yet another extension of a game that is more than seven years old now.

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