Titanfall 2 Receives a New Game Mode After 7 Years

Titanfall 2

Seven years after its release, a new game mode is finally rolled out for Titanfall 2!

On 19 August 2016, Titanfall 2 received an official launch. In these seven years, a bunch of updates had been rolled out for the game. However, all that these updates did was drive away the bugs the game was suffering from. While fans were expecting Respawn Entertainment to release some new modes for the game, that didn’t happen.

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Now, after seven years of its existence, Titanfall 2 has received a new game mode. The original Titanfall, which was launched way back in 2014, was introduced to gamers as an Xbox exclusive. It was launched as a multi-player game and didn’t quite succeed at impressing the critics. However, Respawn Entertainment made some good profits out of it and that’s the reason it released Titanfall 2 after two years.

The second game in the franchise was released with a single-player campaign and was given a much-publicized multiplatform release. Almost all the reviewers were of the opinion that it was better than the first game in the franchise in several aspects. While Titanfall 2 was a well-designed game, it didn’t track as well during its release as it was pitted against games like Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare and Battlefield 1 which were released around the same time.

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An account, that identifies itself as alphaINTEL and shares updates on titles like Apex Legends and Titanfall, seemed to have discovered that a new game mode called ‘???’ has been rolled out for Titanfall 2. This particular game mode provides players with unlimited rockets and enables players to get back to Titanfall 2 and carry out an explosion using unlimited ammunition. This new mode has a description that reads, “Your rockets will blot out of the sun”. This, interestingly, is a quote from Frank Miller’s comic limited series 300.

While fans are happy with the arrival of this new mode, they are also wondering as to why Respawn Entertainment decided to release a game mode after so long for Titanfall 2. Some are of the opinion that the studio is planning to do something new with the franchise. Some also believe that more updates could be rolled out in the near future for the game. Whatever it is, right now fans of Titanfall 2 have a new game mode to explore and enjoy.

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