The Elder Scrolls To Feature Skyrim’s Leveling System and Progression

The Elder Scrolls 6

Ex-employee of Bethesda shares interesting details about the game that stepped into the development phase recently!

While Starfield has already been launched, Bethesda will continue to work on polishing it further. However, now the gaming studio will have more time to work on The Elder Scrolls 6. The much-awaited game, which was announced a couple of years back, entered the development stage only recently.

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It will take another 4-5 years for Starfield to be fully ready. However, since Bethesda is working on the game more diligently now, fans of the franchise can expect to get regular updates about it in the near future. Instead of starting things on a fresh note, Bethesda is reportedly picking up the threads and trying to build a game that would resonate with both older and newer players.

As per design director Bruce Nesmith, the new Elder Scrolls game will use the leveling up and progression style of Skyrim. This particular style revolves around using the skills properly and is not just about assigning skill points and improving upon them. This information is interesting but not surprising to those who are familiar with the tricks, techniques and devices Bethesda used to design the games released as a part of the Elder Scrolls franchise so far.

Some fans might be surprised to see Nesmith talking about the plans for the much-awaited game. One must remember that Nesmith quit working for Bethesda since 2021. While working at Bethesda, Nesmith served as the lead designer on Skyrim. Though his work was not covered by the media extensively, he was one of the most experienced designers working in the company.

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There is a good possibility of Nesmith not having the most updated information about the development process of the game as he quit working for Bethesda a while back. However, the information he already has is also of immense value as it gives fans an insight into the ideas the gaming studio has been toying around with while developing the game.

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