Will GTA 6 Have a Single Player Campaign? We Got the Answer

GTA 5: New Update

Game developers strongly believe that people have moved onto multiplayer games, battle royale, and MOBAs (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena).

While Sony’s PlayStation consoles were vastly known for great single-player games, the future remains uncertain for titles like GTA 6. But, it has been officially confirmed by Take Two that they will have a single-player campaign because of multiple reasons.

In a time when gaming is shifting towards multiple platforms and the concept of cloud-gaming on any device is kicking off, removing single-player campaigns entirely from any title for that matter seems like a bad move. After all, why would you want to yell at teammates, complete joint missions or wait for hours to find that people have left Call of Duty Modern Warfare servers long ago?

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The convenience a single-player campaign offers is rather right on top for most gamers because they could complete it at their own pace. Besides, titles like Witcher 3, Last of Us and GTA 5 got lauded primarily for their single-player campaign, but not for any other online iterations made later on. However, things have to be confirmed in this generation that GTA 6 will indeed have a single-player campaign in addition to a massively multiplayer world like GTA Online.

Biker DLC for GTA 5

Take Two CEO’s Statement

In his official statement, Strauss Zelnick confirmed that Rockstar Games have always been at the forefront when creating a hard-hitting single-player experience. The story-driven experience is what makes players buy a game on the launch date and spend hours completing it. The great stories they bring combined with massive multiplayer opportunity is something that will continue to be offered without much change, likely in all future games.

While he didn’t explicitly say GTA 6 because it could be a confirmation, it does point to that title that is possibly the only one being developed with all their might right now. There is no Red Dead Redemption 3 or any other game in development which indicates that GTA VI could possibly be the one he is talking about. Besides, he adds that there is no harm in having both aspects for any title going into the future.

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Most players obviously in the comments section were worried that gaming is facing such a bad time when companies are more focused on making big money. The multiplayer scenario is possibly the most crowded one at this point of time with titles like PUBG, Fortnite, Counter-Strike and many others competing for the first position.

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