The Sims 4 Players Get Surprise Items Revealed in Hwasa X Music Video

Sims 4 Hwasa X Music

Playing the Sims 4 is not just a gaming activity but rather a socializing arena where millions of people enjoy talking to others, building their own world and enjoy being part of the thriving community.

Hwasa has come up with a music video which has revealed some interesting items which will soon be part of the game.

Electronic Arts have managed to make 2020 a great year for the game despite all the hurdles that have overcome the developers this year. The company has partnered with Refund Sisters Hwasa which has enabled the team to deliver a new experience which should be a pleasant surprise for gamers. They have created a hybrid music video where the artist performs but it also includes a Sims character making its appearance.

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A series of new in-game items were revealed in the hybrid music video. The video has been aptly titled Play with Life, which we hope is not an ironical take on how fate or life is, the game’s K-pop is designed in such a way that it communicates with the in-game character. In recent times, K-Pop has gained some worldwide recognition and it is not surprising to see that Electronic Arts and Maxis have opted to have them promote the game.

A Hybrid Song

The song has been penned by Maria who has also song the number. A range of great messages have been delivered through this song as it continues to let people know that situations may be different but it is always about how you see it. The video has its own story which is interesting despite being really short.

It follows the story of a young Hwasa as the virtual version who wants to become a star. It is not easy task because she continues to fail in multiple auditions but manages to make a grand debut as time goes on. The story could easily be derived from the actual person and it also serves as a way for young ones to look up to someone they know or enjoy the inspiring story they have to share.

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Play with Life will enable viewers to download the video and they can also gain access to some in-game items. It makes it all the more fun and is being promoted with the hash tag #hwasaholiday. The in-game gallery is available for browsing and as part of this campaign, EA Korea is offering far more holiday gifts and items that players would love to own.

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