The Sims 4: Mass Effect Content Will Be Free To Access On November 17

Sims 4 update

The Sims 4 fans can expect some exciting new in-game content to arrive soon.

The interest in a particular game grows significantly when it is about to launch some new content. Apart from its fan base, a lot of people who have not tried it out in the past, too, feel the urge to try out the game. There is no doubt that the news of new content being added to the game helps it tremendously.

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To mark the arrival of the N7 Day and celebrate it with a certain vigor, Maxis and BioWare have come together to launch crossover Mass Effect content in The Sims 4. The new content has been put together, keeping in mind the needs and preferences of fans and will be available to all players at zero cost upon its launch.

November 17 onwards, wearable items belonging to the Mass Effect category will be accessible to be used by all the prominent characters in The Sims 4. Along with several uniquely designed shirts, the popular N& tattoo and colorful hats will be available as well. From whatever one knows so far, players will be in for a treat.

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In an official announcement, the team at Mass Effect stated that it looks forward to the players trying out all the content that will be launched soon and doing some ‘incredible’ and a few ‘unquestionable things’ in the game. It has also implored players to show their Sims once the update gets rolled out.

Engaging in ‘questionable things’, of course, is in sync with the Mass Effect’s spirit of ‘renegade alignment’. It refers to shooting down people without making the effort to negotiate terms with them. From getting ladders removed from the pool to locking people in a room, it involves doing a variety of nasty but fun things.

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