The Sims 4: New Bug Makes Kids In The Game Look Like Horror Film Characters

The Sims 4 infant

 A new glitch in the Sims 4 has resulted in kids looking like scary characters from horror films.

A new bug in The Sims 4 has come to the fore courtesy a gamer who pointed it out promptly. This particular glitch makes kids in the game look like characters that might have just popped out of a horror movie. While some players are amused by this glitch, many are wondering as to when it will be removed.

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If a gaming expert makes a list of some of the most terrifying glitches that have been encountered in games over the last few years, many of the glitches found in The Sims 4 would top the list. The Sims 4 has always been known for its excellent graphics. Therefore, when such a glitch comes to the fore, it makes players extremely uncomfortable.

Since new content is introduced in the game at regular intervals, it is not surprising to see it getting infested with bugs frequently. While the developing team puts a lot of effort into detecting and eliminating the bugs, some make their way into the game. Since The Sims 4 inhabits the life-simulator space, one has to make peace with these kinds of glitches.

Through a post, Redditor Specialist-Layer9723 introduced players to this glitch and how it has been affecting the game. The post featured a child with an elongated head and missing eyes. The image looks extremely sure. Till now, there is no clarity on what has led to the occurrence of this glitch.

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It is important to note here that the launch of The Sims 4 Growing Together DLC Pack wasn’t as smooth as developer Maxis had anticipated. This was primarily because of the presence of a large number of bugs in it. This particular glitch proves that the developer needs to put in some more effort to even out the issues with the pack.

i’m terrified. how do i fix this? LOL
by u/Specialist-Layer9723 in thesims

While many players responded to the thread, none seemed to have any concrete idea or plan to resolve this glitch. When one analyses this glitch, one realizes that it could be the result of an outdated mod.

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