The Sims 4: New Free Update Introduces Caliente Family Makeover and Jewish Food

Sims 4

A new update has been rolled out for The Sims 4 players and it is available for free!

Those who were wishing for Jewish food representation in The Sims 4 have a reason to celebrate. A new update, which has been introduced in the game for free, marks the arrival of Jewish food items. This particular update has also resulted in giving a makeover to the Caliente household.

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On May 16, a new Sims Delivery Express was launched. The main highlight of this update was that it introduced a variety of traditional Jewish dishes in the game. Some of these dishes, like challah bread and matzo ball soup, are the kind that those familiar with Jewish food will recognize immediately.

Since the last couple of years, one has witnessed the addition of different types of interesting food options in The Sims 4. Apart from East Asian recipes, Latin American and Arab dishes have also been introduced in the game. This has definitely pleased players who are connoisseurs of good food.

As stated earlier, this new update has also gained attention because of it giving a makeover to members of the Caliente family. Apart from altering their appearances, the new update has also enhanced the overall personalities of the family members. Apart from twins Nina and Dina, the other members of the family like Don Lothario and Katrina, too, have been given a makeover.

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This particular update is a result of the developers receiving complaints about the skin of some of the NPCs a while back. The developers had assured players that a “tiny overhaul” would be made to the visuals. Through this update, the developers have fulfilled their promise of making necessary alterations.

Fans of the Sims 4 would remember that the Goth family was given a makeover in the month of May last year as well. The new update also offers players a very interesting Create-a-Sim masculine beard. Recently, a voting process started in the game to finalize the theme for two content pieces that are scheduled to be launched soon.

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