World of Warcraft: New Feature Offers Update on Blue Dragonflight Questline

world of warcraft

World of Warcraft players who had been waiting for Blue Dragonflightsidequest finally get some information about it!

A new feature, which has been added to the World of Warcraft, is teasing fans about the Blue Dragonflightquestline and when it can be expected to be launched. While this feature was not integrated into the game earlier, there is now a good possibility of it being used extensively in the near future.

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Blog posts, which had surfaced to the fore in the past, had indicated towards World of Warcraft including a new side narrative in Patch 10.1 or Embers of Neltharion that is connected to the Blue Dragonlight. Fans, therefore, were quite surprised when they witnessed Patch 1.01 being released without the new questline.

A while later, players stumbled upon a new feature in the game that offered some idea about the arrival of the new questline. The Azure Archives, which are present in the Azure Span in Dragonflight, featured the Blue Dragon Aspect Kalecgoshaving a timer over his head. The timer was showing a countdown for the Blue Dragons’ arrival. If one takes this into account, one can expect the new side story to be available on May 23.

Those who have been playing World of Warcraft would know that the concept of timer is not entirely new to the game. Timers were added to boats and zeppelin dockmasters by Dragonflight. These timers helped players plan the schedule of overworld transportation meticulously. However, in the past, there have been no instances of the game using the timer as a device to tease a storyline that would be unveiled in the future.

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Players have been quite amused by the fact that World of Warcraft has not made any official announcement about the arrival of this upcoming questline. This particular tease, however, has led to the hype around it increase significantly. In the near future, there is a possibility of the timer being used to make announcements about a few other elements being added to the story.

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