The Sims 4: New Leaks Hint About Horses Arriving In The Game

The Sims 4

The official Sims accounts have started teasing fans about the horse DLC which they had been waiting to arrive for a while!

A new teaser has been launched officially by the Sims 4 team. This particular teaser offers players a glimpse of an upcoming DLC that revolves around horses. Through this teaser, the Sims 4 team is asking players to ‘take the reins’. Apart from the teaser released by The Sims 4 team, a leak has also substantiated the fact that this DLC will be made available soon. Recent leaks have brought cover art and screenshots to the fore.

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The Pets expansion was rolled out for The Sims 3 way back in 2011. That was the last time horses were seen in any game in the franchise. For the longest time, fans had been expressing their wish to see horses galloping again in the Sims universe.

On Twitter, the official Sims account posted a brief teaser video featuring imagery that had Western ethos to it and one that stated that fans should look forward to a ‘rootin’ tootin’ expansion’. “Giddy up for good news coming soon”, read the text on another post.

The leaked images seemed to be official images pulled out from the official Steam page of the game. The leaks, which can be seen on the Sims community fan page and Reddit, comprise screenshots that feature horses and ranch imagery in a Western desert. The images complement the overall visual appeal of the teaser.

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Apart from offering access to horses, the expansion also makes it possible for players to raise mini goats and mini sheep. It has also paved the way for nectar-making to be reintroduced in the game. Through Create A Sim, players will get to customize the horses as per their preferences.

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