The Sims 4: New Update Marks The Return of Growing Together Feature


The Growing Together feature, which was taken out of The Sims 4 because of the presence of a glitch, is now back in the game!

A new update in The Sims 4 has brought back the much-loved Growing Together feature in the game. With this feature back in the game, players can now experience the joy of getting a loose tooth and awaiting the arrival of a tooth fairy. Once The Sims 3 Generations expansion pack was released, fans started looking forward to similar elements being added to the newest game in the franchise. Now, players have finally received The Sims 4 Growing Together expansion which is filled with a plethora of family features.

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Whenever there is a Sims 4 update, it brings certain bugs to the game. The same has happened with the launch of Growing Together. A couple of days after Growing Together was released, players started sharing quirky videos which featured their infant Sims suffering from a midlife crisis. While some bugs add to the fun of playing a game, there are times when you encounter bugs that affect the gameplay adversely.

When players first discovered Growing Together, a particular feature that stood out for them was the loose tooth mechanic. This particular feature enabled Sims to get loose teeth as children. If the tooth was pulled out or fell off because for some reason, the Sims could safely keep it under their pillow to ensure the Tooth Fairy visits them during the night. While this feature captured the attention of the players immediately, it was removed temporarily. However, this new update has resulted in this feature getting back into the game.

The reason behind the temporary removal of the loose tooth feature was that it was resulting in the occurrence of a glitch repeatedly. This glitch would lead to an unwanted alteration in the appearance of the skin of the Sims. This was one of those many bugs that resulted in major aesthetic alterations to the characters in the game.

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While the aforementioned update cannot be described with terms like ‚Äėbig‚Äô or ‚Äėmajor‚Äô, it would certainly make a lot of fans happy. This update will prove to be even more special to those who purchased the pack after the feature was removed.

It has almost been a decade since The Sims 4 has been released. The game has attracted fans of all age groups. This recently launched update serves as yet another example of the developers’ efforts towards identifying the issues with the game and resolving the game.

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