The Sims 4 Snowy Escape Will be Culturally Accurate, New Update Incoming


Being the developers of the Sims 4 is definitely a demanding job for Maxis because it is no longer a game but a massive virtual platform.

Players express themselves in their virtual avatar which is why tons of new black skin tones were introduced in the recent update. When Snowy Escape based on Japanese trekking culture was launched, the trailer raised an uproar among Koreans and the team was quick to respond.

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Every time a new movie or game is based on a particular culture, the people would always want it to accurately represent their life. Besides, there are so many historical issues that have to be addressed because some were forced in the past and not part of their daily living. Considering all these factors, Maxis and Electronic Arts have confirmed that they have made ideal changes to make the Sims 4 more culturally appealing. Besides, not all of them belong to the Japanese tradition but some continue to be in the Korean culture as well.



Two Stark Issues Addressed

The Snowy Escape is a rather large expansion pack for the Sims 4 title which will allow players to go trekking, climb mountains and relax in the sauna. Instead of living in the familiar western territory, things have moved to Japan this time around. Mt. Komorebi which is a famous tourist spot is known for people praying and bowing in the shrine. Koreans however claimed that they were forced to do this for decades till 1945 when Korea was under Japanese rule. They didn’t want it to be showcased as a way of life because it was not so according to fans.

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Another issue is the designs on the clothes sims wore as it showcases the Japanese rising sun flag. It doesn’t sync well with both Chinese people and Koreans. Japanese had invaded lots of territories during their reign and the rising sun is one of them. Japanese imperialism is not something people would want to witness again which is why they want it to be removed from the original game.


The Sims 4 developers confirmed on Twitter that they will be removed. It was announced by Graham Nardone, producer of the game which confirmed that they were not supposed to provoke painful historical memories and will make necessary changes. When the expansion pack gets officially launched it will not have bowing down before shrines and this t-shirt or design in it.


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