WWE 2K23 Teases Upcoming DLC With New Cryptic Graphic

bad news barrett

The development team of WWE 2K23 has teased fans about some of the upcoming additions to the game through a cryptic graphic.

WWE 2K23 has teased fans about some of the elements that will be added to its DLC roster in the near future with a cryptic graphic. Through the graphic, which was uploaded recently, WWE 2K23 hinted at the possibility of Bad News Barrett and Bray Watt being included in the game through a new DLC in the future.

WWE 2K23 is scheduled to release on March 17, 2023. Though the game is still a few days away from its release, fans have gathered some idea about it through the previews offered to them at regular intervals. Apart from the roster reveal getting finalized, a bunch of new features have been highlighted as well. The WWE 2K team, in fact, has been quite generous when it comes to sharing information about the upcoming game. This time, however, it has taken a slightly cryptic approach when it comes to revealing certain things.

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The development team of WWE 2K23 has put out a graphic clue featuring a bunch of clues related to characters that have been teased in the form of DLC. You can read names like Blair (Davenport), Chase U, Nathan Frazer and Trick Williams in the graphic clue. One can also see several interestingly done logos and icons. A few images, like that of a burning vinyl disc, stand out.


A diamond icon, which has been held in position by a rabbit, bears a resemblance to the logo of the Diamond Dallas Page. You should also try and spot a Divas’ championship belt. This belt seems to be hinting at the possibility of a former champion being included in the game as a part of the DLC.

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There have been a lot of speculations post the release of this graphical clue. However, the development team has not responded to any of the queries that have come their way. WWE 2K23 has already revealed Tyler Breeze as an additional unannounced playable character. Now, gamers are hopeful about Bray Watt being included in the non-DLC roster.

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