Verizon Google Pixel 4 XL, 4, Google Pixel 3a XL, 3a, Pixel 3, 3 XL, Pixel 2 and 2 XL Receive July 2020 Software Patch Updates

Google pixel 4 Verizon

Verizon is sending out the software updates for the complete range of the Google Pixel smartphones, from the latest Google Pixel 4 XL, right down to the Google Pixel 2.

All these devices are getting their Android security patch updates for the month of July 2020. Google usually sends these updates via Verizon earlier than this each month. Possibly the COVID-19 pandemic has caused a little delay.

Google Pixel 4 XL and Pixel 4

Google must be preparing itself to release the successors to the Google Pixel 4 XL and 4 in the coming few weeks. They will be called the Google Pixel 4a XL and the Google Pixel 4a. Under normal circumstances, the phones should have been released by this time of the year. The Coronavirus crisis and the way it has affected the economies all over would have led to Google delaying their release. Meanwhile, the current flagships are being sent their system update No. 9 by Verizon. This patch contains only the Android security update for July 2020.

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Google Pixel 3a XL and Pixel 3a

The system update No. 15 for the Google Pixel and Google Pixel 3a contains the latest Android security patch level July 2020 and nothing more.

Google Pixel 3 XL and Pixel 3

These 2018 release smartphones from Google, the Google Pixel 3 XL and Pixel 3 are now being updated by Verizon for 22nd time. Like all the other models, these devices are also receiving only the latest, July 2020 level Android security update patch.

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Google Pixel 2 XL and Pixel 2

Released in 2017, the Google Pixel 2 XL and the Google Pixel 2 are the oldest smartphones in this list of phones being updated for the software by Verizon. This is the carrier’s system update No. 33 for these two models. They are being sent the July 2020 patch Android security update patch.

You would notice that Google and Verizon keep the software version the same across all its models. It is quite easy for you to check if your device has received the update from Verizon or not. These are as usual over the air (OTA) updates and would get downloaded and installed automatically. You have the option to manually download and install them as well.

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