WhatsApp Beta for iOS Introduces Fit to Screen Option for Easy Editing

WhatsApp Beta for iOS

Once the status updates for WhatsApp rolls out, it’s going to be busy as people will start updating it a lot more sharing their videos, photos and gifs too.

The iOS beta version has a new feature to enable easy editing for these content.

With the new Status feature, you can update new text messages, post photos, videos and other content. The feature even though not revealed fully yet looks more like status messages on Facebook. Your contacts, specific group of friends or anyone can comment on your status. The privacy controls are fully customizable allowing you to hide the status from other people and only let people in your contacts to see it. Alternatively, you can choose to block specific contacts and allow everyone else to see what you posted.

WhatsApp Beta for iOS

Users will have to edit photos, videos or gif so as to be able to post them as statuses on their WhatsApp profile. The newest feature in WP beta allows you to automatically resize the content to match your screen size. The images may be of higher resolution that makes it difficult to edit it in the smartphone screen. Instead, it will bring it within your display.

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The “Fit to Screen” feature on iOS devices have multiple features including original, fit to screen, square besides a slew of other orientation options. You can choose to display the video or photo in 3:2 ratio, 5:3 ratio, 4:3 ratio among a couple of other choices which we assume will include 16:9 for HD content. While the developers didn’t confirm whether users can have the same option when viewing status messages, it is an useful addition and will better promote the feature.

WhatsApp Beta Fit to Screen

The WABetaInfo Twitter page reports that all the new features except for status, PSA and Gif related stuff, everything else is now available on the stable version of the Windows Phone. Users can now send up to 30 media files at once making it easy to send an entire album of photos, videos or gifs to friends or a WhatsApp group. A couple of changes to the user interface are being made in 2.17.51 (GP) edition including a new call button, status button and some minor changes. Many features will be disabled by default but you can choose to activate them once the stable version is launched.

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