Xiaomi 14T Pro (2407FPN8EG) and Unknown Xiaomi 2406APNFAG Smartphone Appear in Eurasian Certification

Xiaomi 14 series

Two Xiaomi smartphones that are scheduled to launch later this year have appeared in Eurasian’s EEC certification and one of them includes Xiaomi 14T Pro.

The model numbers that have appeared in the certifications are 2407FPN8EG and 2406APNFAG. While the former is expected to belong to the Xiaomi 14T Pro smartphone, the latter is a new model number that we’ve spotted for the very first time.

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If you’re feeling that Xiaomi launched 13T Pro just a few months ago and talking about 14T Pro is a bit too early, you’re not alone! But the fact is that the brand has already started working on the next-gen device and that’s why we’re seeing the certifications of upcoming model numbers and leaks about these new phones.

If we try to decode the model numbers, it’s clear from the first 4 characters ‘2407’ and ‘2406’ that they are slated for release in July 2024 and June 2024 respectively. This goes hand in hand with the earlier predictions about 14T Pro that it’s gearing up for release later this year in August or September. There’s no known information about the 2406APNFAG.

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Xiaomi 14T Pro Specs

The 14T Pro smartphone’s specs have recently leaked online. The codename of the phone is confirmed to be “rothko“. This codename will also be shared by Redmi K70 Ultra. 14T Pro is expected to come with a very powerful MediaTek chipset and it can be Dimensity 9300.

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Two model numbers of Xiaomi 14T Pro were already spotted in IMEI certifications along with their monikers. One of them is 2407FPN8EG which we have also spotted in today’s EEC certification and the other model number is 2407FPN8ER. While the former is expected to be the global variant, the latter is likely to be the Japanese variant.

Rebranded Redmi K70 Ultra

These rumors also point out that the 14T Pro phone could be a rebranded version of the Redmi K70 Ultra. 14T Pro will be released a month after the launch of the K70 Ultra.

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