GTA 6 Global Release Will Be Less Than a Year from Now, Claims New Leak

GTA 6 trailer

Game publisher Rockstar Games has managed to capture the hearts of gamers the world over with its GTA series.

Gaming aficionados are now eagerly looking forward to the upcoming GTA 6 as the most highly anticipated game. After an online leak last year, Rockstar Games released their trailer for the game last December.

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This was followed by social media being flooded with rumors, theories, and leaks. All of them talk about what will be featured in the game when further details will be known, the release date, and a lot more. The only source of reliable information so far is the trailer by Rockstar that also mentions a 2025 release for GTA 6.

Biggest Flex of GTA 6 Online

Reddit users have actively been discussing what could be the biggest flex in the online version of the game, GTA 6 Online. Rockstar has not confirmed as yet whether such a version will be available.

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According to one user, the biggest flex would be a private island. The island will not be visible on the main map and it can be by plane if there is an airport or definitely by boat. This post has been actively followed by several other Reddit users and GTA lovers who have shared their inputs as well in the comments. Another user claims the release date to be February 18, 2025.

One Reddit user expressed his/her desire for a customizable main base. The main base could be just about anything such as a big house or an island. The user also hoped that playing GTA 6 would be fun. Another user mentioned an aircraft carrier.

A third user wanted a complete revamp because he/she felt that the same mission available in the earlier years was boring. He/she hoped that there would be a new story such as gigs and side missions that could be accomplished with friends or alone. The user went on to add that it would be a good idea to adopt a progression system that would give the gamer a sense of accomplishing the tasks to achieve something.

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Yet another Reddit user exclaimed that while the idea of owning a private island seems interesting, it may be problematic and not feasible to own several islands dispersed across the map. The user expressed that he/would like to be presented with a chance to buy and own mansions, villas, and houses.

Rockstar would likely have narrowed down on the exact release date of GTA 6 by now after a recent 12-month fixed-term position advertisement.

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