Kung Fu Panda DLC Released by Minecraft

Minecraft kung fu panda

Minecraft has joined hands with the Kung Fu Panda franchise and released the all-new DLC.

This Kung Fu Panda DLC helps gamers avail content formulated from the popular DreamWorks franchise. Released by Mojan, the DLC also includes collaborations with names and games outside the gaming world.

What Players Can Expect?

With the Kung Fu Panda DLC, gamers can get trained under various personalities like the protagonist Po, Zhen, Master Shifu, and the Furious Five. They get an opportunity to explore an adventure map, participate in the ancient dumpling eating ceremony organized in the Panda village, and climb the stairs of the Jade Palace.

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Additionally, the DLC offers a horde of combat with scenes rendered from several movies, encounters with well-known characters portrayed in Minecraft form, co-op action, and more. Players get a challenging gameplay experience by fighting against Lord Shen, General Kai, Tai Lung, and many other antagonists.

There are also well-known film locations present in typical Minecraft block form for them to visit. Some of them are Peach Tree, Spirit Realm, Panda Village, Chameleon’s Lair, and Mr Ping’s Noodle Shop. Gamers can additionally check out the Dressing Room for a free cosmetic item and adorn themselves with the Dragon Warrior’s Hat.

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Other Minecraft DLCs

Majong released several DLCs for Minecraft last year. The DLCs incorporated content from Dungeons and Dragons and Jurassic World. Players also got an opportunity to transform themselves into characters from the popular movie Avatar: The Last Airbender.

Minecraft also has several other DLCs based on Godzilla, Sonic the Hedgehog, Mega Man X, Minions, and Star Wars.

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Minecraft offers the Kung Fu Panda DLC for a fee of 1500 Minecoins. This is around $8 in real-world currency. Interestingly, this DLC has come just after the movie Kung Fu Panda 4 arrived at the theaters this year. In the movie, the brave warrior Po must prove his mettle against a powerful sorceress Chameleon who steals Kung Fu from any master villain she encounters so that she can conquer China.

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