Samsung Galaxy M01 (SM-M015G) Surfaces on Geekbench with 3GB RAM and Android 10 OS

Samsung Galaxy A01

A new Samsung phone with model number SM-M015G, which is likely to be Samsung Galaxy M01, has been spotted on the Geekbench benchmarking website.

Samsung Galaxy A01 that was released in January had SM-A015 as its model number. Going by the similar model number SM-M015G, we can be pretty sure that it could be named as Galaxy M01.

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The Geekbench listing of Samsung Galaxy M01 is pretty similar to that of Galaxy A01. The motherboard field has a mention of ‘QC_Reference_Phone’ as seen with the listing of Galaxy A01 as well. Back then, when we spotted Galaxy A01’s Geekbench listing, we thought it might be a test device but Samsung did release the phone a few months later. Both phones have Android 10 listed as the OS. Galaxy A01 had just 2GB RAM whereas Galaxy M01 listing indicates 3GB RAM.

Samsung Galaxy M01

The clock speeds of the octa core processor seen in the Geekbench listings are also the same. Both indicate a base frequency of 2.02 GHz. While Galaxy A01 was released with Qualcomm Snapdragon 439, we might also see the same chipset used in Galaxy M01.

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Even the scores of the two Geekbench listings are pretty identical. Galaxy A01 had 888 as the single-core score and 3390 as multi-core score whereas Galaxy M01 has 856 and 3327 as the single and multi-core scores respectively.

We can expect Galaxy M01 to be slightly better than Galaxy A01. The main upgrade could be in the battery spec as the ‘M’ series phones have been better than the ‘A’ series devices, based on what we observed with the recent releases.

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Galaxy A01 had 3000 mAh battery and we can expect Galaxy M01 with at least 3500 mAh battery capacity. As we know, the RAM is already a notch better, with 3GB. Though we might see the same processor, we can also expect small improvement in the camera specs.

Stay tuned for more updates.

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