Samsung Galaxy S23 FE, Unlocked S22, Galaxy A15 5G and Galaxy M13 4G Receive February Security Updates

Samsung Galaxy A15 4G

Four smartphones from the Samsung stable are reported to be getting the 2024 February security patch updates. These are minor updates that will fix more than 70+ security problems.

Samsung Galaxy S23 FE, Galaxy S22 series phones, the new A-series device Galaxy A15 and an M-series device M13 are the devices that have received the updates.

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Let’s check out each one in detail.

Galaxy S23 FE

Samsung has already rolled out the Feb 2024 security updates to the Galaxy S23 FE devices but that was limited to the global variants alone. Now, the new rollout will provide updates to the phones in the US, both carrier-locked and also unlocked models of the device.

The firmware version for the carrier-locked Galaxy S23 FE model is S711USQU2BXBE. At present, this is for the phones in the AT&T network but very soon this will be expanded to other networks too.

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The firmware version for the unlocked version of the Galaxy S23 FE is S711U1UES2BXB6. Unlike the carrier-locked variants getting the update only in the AT&T network, the firmware for the unlocked version is rolled out across all carriers in the US.

Unlocked Galaxy S22

The factory-unlocked versions of all three phones in the Galaxy S22 series including S22, S22+ and S22 Ultra have received the new firmware update dated February 2024. The firmware version is S90xU1UES4DXA1.

The carrier-locked and international variants of the Galaxy S22 series had already received February 2024 updates earlier this month.

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First Update for Galaxy A15 5G

Samsung Galaxy A15 5G is a new device that was released in December last year. The phone has received its first major update, which is the Feb security patches. The firmware version is A156EDXU1AXB8.

Galaxy M13 4G

Samsung Galaxy M13 4G smartphones in India have started getting the February 2024 security patch updates. The firmware version is M135FUXXS5DXB1. The 5G variant of the Galaxy M13 is yet to receive the patch but it will get it soon.

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