Overwatch Aim Assist Feature Is Highly Flawed, Blizzard Promises To Fix It


It’s been over a month since Overwatch players on Xbox One and PS4 consoles complained of issues with the aim assist feature.

Blizzard promised to fix it in time but they haven’t done so far.

For PC gamers, the concept might sound absurd but when playing a third person or any kind of shooter on a controller, aim assists are always helpful. They are essential even in multiplayer matches. Of late, Overwatch players noticed that when they try to aim and take down an enemy, the crosshair seems to act weird. The player might jump to escape and it immediately goes down. The same happens when the opponent is walking on stairs or in different positions.

Auto aim is completely flawed at the moment and has been creating horrific nightmares for PS4, Xbox One players. The multiplayer matches are hardly fun because trying to use an analog stick to aim a fast moving hero is really difficult. Aim-assist is what gets these players onboard.

The entire console community came together and created videos to prove their point. We have posted the video below to show you how bad the aim assist works right now. Blizzard took notice of the issue. Jeff Kaplan, game director of Overwatch confirmed that they have forwarded the issue to the respective team and a patch is underway which should make aim-assist work as it should.

Overwatch Aim Assist Feature

Aim assist is available only on the consoles. The sensitivity of the aim can be adjusted using a slider in the console version of the game. Players also have the option to completely turn it off so that they can put their reflexes and aiming skills to test. Another problem faced by those who game with a controller is the sticks never move in different levels but rather go to the far end of the screen or doesn’t move at all.

Blizzard is yet to take notice of the console aim acceleration issue. It is being discussed in-depth by the people on Overwatch sub-reddit, a social media platform. They were also the group behind the video that made is easier for developers to identify the issue. The team promised to find a fix on July 29th and it’s almost the end of August with no new patch in sight.

Most console gamers also feel that Blizzard focuses more on Overwatch PC community and rolls out patches faster than on Xbox One or Playstation 4. Will they heed to their customers properly this time?

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